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The Driver drives you in your own car when you are not in the state to drive, whether you have had one drink, had a few drinks, are tired or anything else. Despite progress being made in the safety of Dubai’s roads, a danger still faced by road users is Driving under the Influence (“DUI”), with people driving to bars and restaurants and having a few drinks but also risking the drive home. We negate the dangers of DUI by providing our customers with the luxury and comfort of being able to drive to their desired social destinations without risking people's lives (including their own) and the legal consequences of being caught DUI. We therefore also assist the authorities with their goal of making Dubai’s roads even safer.


Use us for the following benefits: safety and convenience; smooth and hassle-free journeys; not risk the safety of self, passengers and others on the road; not risk being caught DUI, imprisoned and deported.


The Driver hopes to be recognised as a major contributor to making the UAE roads more safe for all, for providing its customers with a first class chauffeur service, to make DUI a thing of the past and to prevent decent people who have had a drink from being jailed and deported!


How to book

How do i book?

Just Contact Our 24/7 call center at 800 TD1 (831) or better yet book online and we will call you right back.

When i can call the driver?

Our Call Center agents are available around the clock to take your details and confirm the booking.

Just Contact Our 24/7 call center at 800 TD1 (831).

Is it possible to get a reservation?

It's best to give us at least a couple of hours' notice. We get very busy towards the closing hours of bars and pubs so if you need to be picked up between 11:00pm and midnight, we strongly recommend you book in advance.

we drive you & your car

step 1

Get dressed, drive to where you need to go and enjoy your evening.

step 2

Call our 24/7 toll free number, 800 TD1 (831) and let us know when and where you want the Driver to pick you up from, or book online and we'll call you back to confirm your booking.

step 3

The Driver is dropped off in one of our vehicles to pick you and your car up.

step 4

Sit back, chill-out and listen to your music whilst our Driver takes you home safely, parks your car and hands you back your keys.

who needs us

Evening Out?

Enjoying a night out and have your car with you? Just give The Driver a call…

Having A Party

Having a few friends over or throwing a full-on house party? Then invite us…

Hospital Visit

Undergoing medical treatment? Let us take care of you or your loved one by driving…

Corporate Dinner

Having a corporate dinner, taking out a group of investors or having a staff…

Get Home with a Safer Driver with Dubai's Premier Chauffer Operator

In a city like Dubai, there’s always something happening at night time. Whether you’re attending an awards ceremony, have been invited to a product launch, or even if you are out with friends and colleagues for dining and a drink, getting home afterwards is sometimes a daunting prospect.

What happens late at night when fatigue sets in, when you’ve had a couple of drinks at the restaurant, or if you’re simply worn out and would prefer not to drive? There’s always the option of a taxi, but queuing for a taxi is a tedious and sometimes stressful affair. What if there was a better way? With The Driver, there is. You’ll have a safer, private driver from one of Dubai’s premier Chauffer companies.

The Driver takes the idea of a Chauffer and modernizes the concept for a dynamic and happening city like Dubai. Taking a taxi can be inconvenient, especially if you’re going to leave your car at a hotel, restaurant, or events center. Even if you get home safely in a taxi, you’ll need to collect your car later, further compounding the problem. What’s more, if you’ve had a few drinks and you drive, you risk a DUI, or even deportation if you pass a checkpoint on your way home. Why risk your safety and your career when you can have your own private driver with The Driver.

The Driver provides private drivers who’ve undergone extensive background testing. They’ll come to you wherever you are to get you home, or to wherever you’re going, in the comfort of your own vehicle. Corporate events, crew transportation, and even valet parking are all services offered by The Driver.

If you want to experience chauffeuring for the 21st century, with a safe, registered, and trusted personal driver company, choose The Driver in Dubai.
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our drivers

Background Check

Our chauffeurs go through a very stringent interview process. They must be professional, presentable, possess excellent communication skills as well as the required knowledge and experience of driving in the UAE. These qualities are essential and required for your and our comfort and confidence to allow the Drivers to operate your vehicle. We also require every Driver to have a Police Clearance Certificate before being hired.

Experience & Certification

We choose drivers with at least 2 years UAE driving experience. All of our drivers have their Defence Certificates and are regularly put through internal road testing. Our drivers also abide by the UAE driving laws at all times (however hard you try to make them speed up!)

Fully Insured

The Driver has an umbrella insurance policy for possible damage incurred during performance of our services. Additionally, all of our Drivers provide us with proof of insurance and we actively make sure we are kept up-to-date with their personal insurance statuses and remind them of approaching renewals.

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