Event Drivers

With Dubai being a hot spot for some of the top events in the world, The Driver is here to help making sure your event goes as planned. If you are an event company who require professional and experienced chauffeurs, then The Driver can provide you drivers on demand anytime of the day. 

Similarly if you have a wedding event or a concert, The Driver can provide you and your guests with private chauffeurs to make your event a worry free one. 

We provide all of our drivers with transportation to your location ensuring you have a hassle free service. Our chauffeurs are safe drivers that abide strictly by the traffic laws in the UAE. They have experience in driving cars such as Rolls Royce’s, Bentley's as well as Ferrari's, ensuring your car is in safe hands with our Drivers. Email us on info@thedriver.ae or call 800-831 (TD1) anytime to book your personal chauffeur.